101 Tonyisms

February 10, 2014

Ever Closer to 101! Today we reach 95 Tonyisms!!!

Good Morning Everyone,

Today we reached number Ninety-Five!

“Their working hard..I KNOW you are..” , AB RIPPER X. My favorite Tony Hortonism. HH.

Oh how I laugh at this one. Who loves doing AB RIPPER X??? Not me! But it’s worth it.

Thank you HH!




January 29, 2014

Ninety Fourth Tonyism:

We keep getting closer & closer to the 101 mark. Today we have Anna Gray. Her Tonyism is below. You can follow Anna on her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/coachannagray

“Don’t put Banana and Hammock in the same sentence”–Tony Horton Dynamix

Thank you Anna!



July 2, 2012

Ninety Second & Ninety Third Tonyisms:

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Good Morning Everyone,

Today we post two more Tonyisms. One is from Steve & the other from Brian. I love both of them. Do you have a favorite we haven’t posted yet? Comment on this post and share them with us.

92. Relax Your Face — From Brian

93. “Start that lawn mower! Ooh I think we’re gonna need more oil. Did you pull your choke dude?” — From  Steve

Is there a Tonyism you’d like to write a post about? Let me know. I’ll schedule a time for you.

Which Tonyism do you like the best?



June 18, 2012

Nintey-First Tonyism:

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This all seems fitting enough with the Coaches Summit starting tomorrow. Here is our Ninety-First Tonyism. Now we have only Ten to go. 

91. Do NOT say you “can’t”! You can say, “I don’t want to”. You can say, “I’m not willing to put forth the effort”. But DO NOT say you CAN’T! 

I have to say this is one of my favorites. I don’t know how we missed it!

So do you have a Tonyism to add to our list? Or as you look through the Tonyisms is there one that means a lot to you? I’d ask you to guest blog about it if you do.

September 15, 2011

Fifteen More Tonyisms!

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Greetings Everyone! I haven’t posted for a while, but guess what kids? We are up to Ninety Tonyisms now! We are only eleven away from 101! Let’s hit this hard and bring it home in the next couple of weeks. Who has number Ninety-One?

By the way when we get to 101 I’m going to be asking for guest bloggers who can do a blog on their favorite Tonyism, so be thinking what yours is.

More Tonyisms:

75. Think I ripped my pants!

76. If you need one, take a break. Look at me, I’m taking a break, what the hell, life is good, I’m the leader, I can do whatever I want. But when you’re back, you’re back with a vengeance!

77. Chest shoulders tris – Chest shoulders tris – Chest shoulders tris ….
78. They’re still going, I feel embarrassed, and I’m standin’ around talking.
79. Information is power and with power there is change and change is good.
80. 12 to funfteen, fifteen, I had a little accent there, I don’t know what that was.
81. Thanks why I work out, to drink the recovery drink
82. You can’t go on your knees on these “sorry”.
83. It matters that you feel the last three, it matters that you feel the first three.
84. Turn off the mind or all the junk that’s gonna’ get in your way cause’ it’s time to get intense.
85. Don’t stop breathin’. You stop, you die.

86. What was 1 is now 2, what was 3 is now 4, what was 7, (pause) well you’ll get it.
87. They’re programed man, I’ve got them all programed.
88. I did 28, my ego wanted to do 30, but I knew that my form was going to go south.
89. I’m feelin’ a little dizzy, lil’ nauseous. I don’t like I that much, unless I’m Carl Dikeler. Jonny intense like nobodies bidness’.

90. That’s the face of a girl that’s workin’ hard.

March 14, 2011

All 74 Tonyisms Listed Here:

Good Morning Everyone,

Below you’ll see the seventy-four Tonyisms we’ve gathered thus far! What’s your favorite? Which one is the most inspirational? Which one is the funniest. We still have Twenty-Seven more to go. Who’ll be next!?!

Seventy-Four Tonyisms:

  1. Do your best and forget the rest.
  2. Don’t smash your face.
  3. Water break….but don’t be going down the hall and getting a Crispy Cream.
  4. Don’t forget to breath people!
  5. Let’s burn some goo.
  6. Like a pterodactyl backing out of trouble.
  7. Man-o-manischewitz as my uncle used to say.
  8. I’m going to stop now and see how the kids are doing.
  9. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your body wasn’t either.
  10. When it comes to biceps I’m in. Ego, HUGE.
  11. Run, Forest, Run!
  12. German potato soup. If that’s not P90X soup, I don’t know what is.
  13. Get READY … cause it’s COMIN
  14. Go ahead and laugh, these are excellent jokes.
  15. Drop your head to the opposite side of the arm you’re pulling on…WHAA?
  16. Got your tickets? (To what?) The show. (What show, Tony?) THE GUN SHOW!
  17. Oh, if I only had this exercise when I was a lad
  18. During Shoulders and Arms, pointing to Joe Bovino’s triceps “Check THESE out, Diamonds of Gold”.
  19. If you’re feeling tired of hopping on one leg (Eric: or only HAVE one leg), you can do the jump rope version”
  20. The magic, the money comes in the last three reps!
  21. A little nuance a little change.
  23. Yes, I know it’s hard! It’s supposed to be!
  24. He/She makes Gumbie look like the Tin Man!
  25. In the words of @Tony_Horton I just crushed chest and back, but I feel like chest and back just crushed me.
  26. Clear your mind of all the bad things. (Yoga X)
  27. It’s going to burn. It’s suppose to! (Warming up with arm circles)
  28. What’s WOW upside down? MOM!
  29. In Plyo X, when he tells Eric to put his hands in the air to do the Mary Katherine’s, Eric says he’ll do his best.  Tony replies “he said he’ll do his best…THAT’S ALWAYS ENOUGH”.  That comment has stuck with me; so long as you do your best, it WILL always be enough.
  30. Drink your water people!
  31. ARX #P90X. Feel the burn! I hate it but I love it.
  32. Oh Mommy!
  33. ”Get the turtlehead out of the shell” from YogaX
  34. ”I’m gonna lower my load a little, you know, cause I’ve been talking” from back & chest.
  35. Here’s another where he pokes fun at his level of activity during the workout:  ”I’m shaking out, like I’ve actually done something.”
  36. ”The tip of the day… Don’t do this every day.” Tony’s encouragement at the end of Ab Ripper X.
  37. Get Your Mind Right!
  38. “You can do anything for 30 seconds” (I like looking at Pam the Blam’s face when he says this!)
  39. “Jesus – I mean jeepers”
  40. Don’t bite your toes…I recommend foot spray… (YogaX)
  41. “Happiness is this right here.”
  42. “Keep your bucket nearby my friends, because this routine is X City”
  43. “Get out of your head about it, just show up!”
  44. “Drop down into Warrior 2 Mr. Haas, this is Yoga X my brother.”
  45. “Let the weight of your head do the work. Mine weighs 600 lbs; there’s nothing in it.”
  46. “Dirty Sock Soup… but I don’t like it that Phil said something funnier than me.” (fr. Shoulders, Biceps, & Triceps?)
  47. During towel hopping when he says ‘lets get to it like bunny rabbits!’
  48. During ARX “25 isn’t so bad, imagine if you had to do 100!”
  49. When doing Banana Rolls (Core Synergistics I think?) “I’d get down there with ya but I got this pack…” pointing out his mic headset.
  50. During YogaX “…tippie toes or tip toes. I always say tippie.”
  51. “He’s making contact! The Man’s making contact elbow-thigh.” (ARX)
  52. “Good Job!… So Far….” (Chest/Back)
  53. Some of the exercises here are higher impact… I know… It’s out of style.
  54. “You need that break? Take a break!”
  55. In Shoulder and Arms, during the chicken wing stretch, Tony asks Loraine (sp?) how it feels and she replies, “It hurts!”. Tony immediately says, “In a good way, she meant in a good way!”
  56. In Back and Biceps, at the beginning of strip set Curls, Tony says, “Oh dude, this is going to hurt sooo much, in such a beautiful way!”
  57. “I recommend….foot spray.” (YogaX)
  58. “This isnt Ab Ripper 100 or 200, this is Ab Ripper 339″
  59. “Lets make it x like… not exlax thats somethin different”
  60. “Ab Ripper X – I hate it, but I LOVE it”
  61. During Yoga X: “There’s no part one or part two…this is part two.”
  62. Went to one of Tony’s P90X bootcamps…my saying from the weekend….”Do something that scares, but doesn’t kill you!”
  63. I like straight lines… you should see my closet at home.
  64. That’s a short uncle.
  65. Make it sexy people.
  66. During “One on One with Tony Horton” he’s goofin around and then looks right into the camera and says, “I am not normal”.
  67. “Steering wheels don’t move unless you got some kind of clown car.”
  68. At the end of ARX Tony say tip of the day ” Don’t do this everyday, you don’t work other parts or your body everyday…”
  69. “Don’t say ‘I can’t,’ say ‘I presently struggle with.’”
  70. Near the end during the strip sets Tony says “I think I blew my esophagus!”
  71. Stretch X. Talking to Phil. “Nice Muscles Dude!” AS Tony is stretching his Glutes “I’m uncomfortable … just breathe”.
  72. During the Kenpo X workout Tony points out that the girl’s shirt is covered in sweat and says: “We don’t do spray on here. We do actual DNA removal.”
  73. “Let’s see if I can say nothing for a few seconds…” Aimee (And of course we all know the chorus of “No’s” that come from the team and those behind the camera.
  74. The warm-up’s going to kill you. That’s a beautiful thing!

March 12, 2011

Seventy-Fourth Tonyism:

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I know it’s been a long time since publishing a post on 101 Tonyisms. However, it’s been a busy time, but still no excuses.

So, I’ve been touched by Tony’s words in Chest & Back. I think someone is already toweling off during the warm-ups and he says the following:

74. The warm-up’s going to kill you. That’s a beautiful thing!

Don’t you love it! I want to rush through the warm-ups so I can get to the “real” exercise. I love being a part of an exercise regimine where the warm-ups may kill you!

I understand a bunch of coaches — including mine (Anne Dovel) — are on a cruise! Hope they are enjoying themselves but also learning some great stuff they can pass on to us.

Hope you have a great weekend. Do you have a Tonyism to add?



July 19, 2010

Seventy-First, Seventy-Second & Seventy-Third Tonyisms:

Hey Gang,

We’re getting closer! Here are three more Tonyisms!

71. Stretch X. Talking to Phil. “Nice Muscles Dude!” AS Tony is stretching his Glutes “I’m uncomfortable … just breathe” Joel Sisson

72. During the Kenpo X workout Tony points out that the girl’s shirt is covered in sweat and says: “We don’t do spray on here. We do actual DNA removal.” Silva

73. “Let’s see if I can say nothing for a few seconds…” Aimee (And of course we all know the chorus of “No’s” that come from the team and those behind the camera.

Well we are getting closer and closer to that 101 mark. Who will be next with a Tonyism?



July 8, 2010

Seventieth Tonyism:

Greetings Everyone,

We now have our seventieth Tonyism brought to us by Josh C. Below you’ll find it. We only have thirty-one to go. What’s your favorite Tonyisms?

70. Near the end during the strip sets Tony says “I think I blew my esophagus!”

Have a GREAT P90X Day!



July 2, 2010

Sixty-Ninth Tonyism:

I was on Deryl Williams’ Facebook page today — he’s one of the guys in the picture carrying Tony — and I say one of his favorite quotes. It’s one from Tony that I really like. So here goes # 69.

69. “Don’t say ‘I can’t,’ say ‘I presently struggle with.'”

So we only have 32 more Tonyisms to get to 101! Who will be next, or who would like to write a post about your favorite Tonyism?

Just ordered Body Gospel today. We have a 36 year old daughter with Down Syndrome. She’s going to do it with me. Can’t thank Beachbody enough for helping us Baldwin’s be fit.



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